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Obtaining license in Dubai, UAE is known to be the hardest part in the whole world with understanding all the

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Hot sunny days of Dubai makes nearly impossible for everyone to hangout outdoors and enjoy the life but that doesn’t

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Dubai is one of most popular Emirati state with a population of 85% expats and few Emirati. If you too

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Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) gives you an awesome chance to buy furniture and home-ware on special additional discount for 72

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Do you think Shopping in Dubai is expensive? Or it ended you out of budget; then grab this awesome opportunity

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Date Day Holiday 1 Jan 2017 Sunday New Year السنة الجديدة 22 Apr 2017 Saturday Israa Wal Miraj  إسراء والمراج

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1ST JANUARY 2017 – (SUNDAY) NEW YEARS DAY Dubai, UAE welcomed this 2017 New Year with top of records fireworks

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